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Chaplain Introduction

Your Faith Has Saved You

 "Your Faith Has Saved You" This blessing is what Jesus sent this “sinful” woman off with after she demonstrated a humble, costly, and whole-hearted act of love by anointing Jesus with perfume. This blessing overpowered the curses the religious leaders spoke over this...

Earnest for a Plentiful Harvest

   Out of his compassionate heart for the lost and shepherdless people, Jesus exhorts his followers to also manifest an earnest heart of prayer for more laborers to be sent into the plentiful harvest. This passage encourages those of us who follow Jesus to participate...

Pandemic Promotes Gospel Feet

    Christians are God’s instrument to call people to a saving faith in Christ. Our feet are “beautiful” as we preach the Good News that is found in Christ alone. What an incredible joy it is to not only share the Good News but to see people respond to it. As...




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