About Corporate Care

Corporate Care’s Mission and Vision

Corporate Care of the Sioux Empire exists to provide intentional employee care that positively impacts the workplace, while reaching beyond the workplace. We build trust-based relationships at the employee’s pace. Journeying alongside employees as they voluntarily seek to move out of their brokenness into wholeness. Hoping that they experience the transforming power of Jesus Christ.

Core Values and Beliefs of Corporate Care

Corporate Care’s mission and ministry flows from the core convictions and motivations listed below.

  • We believe the Scriptures are authoritative and sufficient to understand who we are as human beings. The Bible reveals Christ and his life-transforming grace addressing the needs and struggles of every employee.
  • We are Gospel-Centered. Therefore, we point people to the person and completed work of Christ. He is wisdom from God, the amazing gift who delivers us from our sins and sufferings. People ultimately need the Savior, not just a happy and healthy work environment.
  • We believe in God’s common grace to all humanity and therefore we will love and learn from those who do not embrace a Christian worldview.
  • We are aware that human behavior is connected to deeper motivations of an employee’s heart. Therefore, we focus on the importance of the heart, because all human acts arise from the heart, whether healthy or unhealthy.
  • We believe that long-lasting, personal change occurs as employees are connected to God’s community—the local church, with its abundant resources of grace.
  • We believe that human beings are both spiritual and physical being, so we take the whole person seriously. We are sensitive to varying faith and socio-cultural backgrounds, as the context within which we care for them.
  • We believe that the Incarnation of Jesus is not just the basis for employee care but also the model for how care is to be administered. Therefore, we seek to enter into an employee’s story, listening well, expressing thoughtful love in a non-threatening and permission-based manner.
  • We believe that Jesus can enable employees to persevere in the midst of their problems, in the workplace and beyond. Therefore, we understand that change is often slow and hard.
  • We believe that we at Corporate Care are not perfect or better than those we care for. We have not fully and clearly understood all there is to know about workplace ministry. We want to learn and grow in wisdom. We who minister and care live in process, just like the employees we care for.

Adapted from ccef.org