An Active Partner in Caring for your Team

As an HR professional, we know you are daily called upon to address significant employee issues. Corporate Care engages as an active partner that extends your ability to care for them.

$300 billion

US businesses lose up to $300 billion yearly as a result of workplace stress., 2019

$51 billion

Depression-induced absenteeism costs US businesses $51 billion a year, as well as an additional $26 billion in treatment costs., 2019


For the average company, turnover costs more than 12% of pre-tax income and for those at the high end, those costs can reach almost 40% of earnings (Saratoga, 2006)

1 Million

About one million Americans miss work each day because of stress., 2019

  • 83% 83%

83% of US workers suffer from work-related stress, with 25% saying their job is the number one stressor in their lives., 2019

  • 65% 65%

65% of workers said that workplace stress had caused difficulties, and more than 10% described these as having major effects on their life.

Zippia, 2022


  • 51% 51%

51% of employees said they were less productive at work as a result of stress

(American Psychological Association, 2009)

  • 75% 75%

Companies spend around 75% of a worker’s annual salary to cover lost productivity or to replace workers.

Zippia, 2022

Shannon Nordstrom

Owner, Nordstrom’s Automotive, Inc.

“Our company has always tried to work with our staff to improve themselves. Our values are not made a secret at our company. We have always wanted to be able to console our employees. As the business has grown, it has been more difficult to have all the discussions that are probably needed. We also found out that it was understandable that even though we wanted to help, why would a staff member want to share their stress point with us, if in their mind it would be showing a weakness in the eyes of the very people that are evaluating them for performance. By bringing in Pastor James, we have widened the reach of what we would love to do for everyone. James has a gentle spirit blessed upon him and he has meshed very well with our staff during our visits. We are very happy with our decision to allow James to be with our staff and feel great that he is carrying out further what we feel is our Christian responsibility to our staff.”

How can you care for your employees?

We offer an on-site presence that is proactive and responsive resulting in:

•Reduced employee situations that require attention.
•Reduced HR staff stress and burnout.
•Reduced costs related to recruiting, replacing, and training new employees.

We facilitate connection and trust between employees at all organizational levels producing:

•Fewer employee complaints and less work responding to them.
•Less workplace politics and factions.
•Reduction in employee and employee/management issues.

We deliver care that would otherwise fall on HR to deliver.

•Reduction in employee listening time.
•Reduction in HR staff burnout and turnover.
•A more favorable relationship with employees.

We are present in moments of personal and corporate crisis.

•Greater commitment at times when performance, morale, and production would be negatively impacted.

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We give another important face, hands, and feet to that part of your corporate mission statement that values employees.

•Less cynicism and greater trust from employees.
•Increased employee retention.
•Reduced costs resulting from employee turnover.