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A message about one of our important employee benefits

We are glad James Swanson and his team from Corporate Care are part of our employee benefits at Nordstrom’s!

Posted by Nordstrom's Automotive Inc. on Tuesday, March 24, 2020

You understand as an employer how much your employees are daily affected by their personal and workplace issues. You want to come alongside and offer help, but there’s a tension there. The employee has fears in sharing their issues with you as their employer. While you wrestle with how to best care for them as you operate your workplace. What is an effective way to care for your employees’ needs that reach beyond their work, into their personal lives?

Corporate Care of the Sioux Empire provides the personal service of chaplain-based care and support, beyond a traditional Employee Assistance Program. We enable you to focus on leading your business while offering care for your most important and valued investment, your employees. When your employees’ access holistic care, they are healthier people and your workplace experiences the benefits of:

  • higher employee retention
  • deeper job satisfaction and meaning
  • increased productivity
  • reduced dollars paid on turnover and training

The Corporate Care chaplain builds relationships with employees where they work. We provide proactive, independent, accessible care, pastoral encouragement and crisis support. All relationships are voluntary and completely confidential, so your employee sets the pace and the depth of how the relationship will grow. This reduces your risk, at the same time, increases your workplace’s health and care.

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