“Your Faith Has Saved You”

This blessing is what Jesus sent this “sinful” woman off with after she demonstrated a humble, costly, and whole-hearted act of love by anointing Jesus with perfume. This blessing overpowered the curses the religious leaders spoke over this woman and the Savior of the world. This blessing taught Jesus’ disciples that the “worst sins” are all wiped away through faith in Him. What an amazing reality of faith’s saving power through the Saviour to reach any sinner!

A couple of weeks ago, I was in the men’s locker room getting ready to workout, an unexpected place to have a conversation. Suddenly, a gentleman walked up behind me and said, “you know, you saved my life!” Much to my surprise, it was a former employee from a Corporate Care partnering business. I had not seen him in years as he had moved out of state until recently. I responded back to him, “thank you! But you know that it was your faith in Jesus that saved your life.” With a big smile he said, “well, you know what I mean.”

When I met this employee in his workplace, he was in a very dark spiritual place. We had many conversations about his doubts, fears and what he called “his demons.” He agreed to try and listen to the Bible on his phone at night when he was most troubled and restless. He also started to attend the workplace Bible study we held during his lunch break. Jesus met him through His word, transformed him with the Gospel of Peace and brought him from the kingdom of darkness.

It was an incredible joy to have this divine meeting years later and hear his exuberant locker room testimony of Jesus’ saving power through faith and witness the peace he is still living in.

We are grateful for Corporate Care’s opportunity to bring Good News and the keys to the Kingdom into workplaces where the darkest, most unlikely, sinners come to faith in Jesus.

Over the past year, our workplace opportunities continue to grow. The pandemic has provided fertile ground for deeper spiritual conversations and gospel opportunities. Our current business partners are asking us to step into more lives, all-employee meetings and on-site hours to care for their employees’ needs. We added another local chaplain, Dave Aesoph, to our staff last month and look forward to how God uses him to bless our work.

The work in Uganda with Tendo Ministries continues strong and God has enabled us to help establish some income-generating projects there. We recently partnered with the Namayemba Boda Boda motorcycle taxi drivers by helping with their logo, mission statement and core values. Bob Weisser, founder of Weisser Distributing, did much of the groundwork with them on our trip earlier this year. The name of Jesus is being proclaimed and His love is demonstrated in special ways within and through these 250 bikers.

Bob Weisser in Uganda


Namayemba BodaBoda Association Logo & New Shirts.

Corporate Care is blessed to labor for Jesus’ sake in the marketplace. Thank you for your important role in sending us out with your gifts of encouraging words, earnest prayers and generous financial support. We are encouraged as we labor alongside you bringing the Gospel of Peace into the workplace. We look forward to future employees coming to faith and adding to what the Lord has already accomplished to the praise of His glorious grace!

Go in Peace,


Founder-Corporate Care


Your Prayers make an ETERNAL Difference

  • Corporate Care’s chaplains would faithfully labor and be spiritually protected in the workplace.
  • God adding to Corporate Care’s mission with new businesses in our region and beyond.
  • Continued provision, wisdom and gospel growth of our partnership with Tendo Ministries in Uganda.


Will you partner with us in this important work?