Out of his compassionate heart for the lost and shepherdless people, Jesus exhorts his followers to also manifest an earnest heart of prayer for more laborers to be sent into the plentiful harvest. This passage encourages those of us who follow Jesus to participate with Him in this Gospel harvest work. Still today, He beckons us to pray earnestly for more Gospel field workers to be sent to the lost around us and the world. He implies that we were “harvested”. Someone prayed and the Lord sent another to point us to Himself as the Good Shepherd. We need Jesus’ words to fuel our passion for His eternal harvest through prayer for more workers and our own work as we love the “harassed and helpless” in our lives.

Over the past year, the Lord has sent us three new laborers (chaplains) to work in Corporate Care’s marketplace field. Justin V. serves two hundred employees at Fey Industries in southwest Minnesota. Pastor Christopher cares for eighty employees at Auto Body Specialties in Sioux Falls.

Most recently, the Lord provided Pastor Fred to provide gospel care for the forty employees at Weisser Distributing-North Las Vegas. What great joy that the Lord of the harvest opened the door for Corporate Care in Las Vegas!

And it is a Matthew 9:38 result of the Lord’s faithful response to your earnest prayers!

We are very grateful for the many lives that we get to help and reach out to through our partnering businesses.

Last January, Andy Jorgenson(owner of Fire Bros), Bob Weisser (founder of Weisser Distributing), and I traveled to Uganda to encourage and be encouraged by Tendo Ministries’ gospel work that the Lord has sent us to partner with for the last three years. During our trip, God allowed us a glimpse of His work in the schools, the local church, with the motorcycle taxi drivers, and in many other ways. This is further evidence of Jesus sending an assortment of workers for His harvest in southeastern Uganda.

Corporate Care is blessed to labor for Jesus’ kingdom in the marketplace. Thank you for your important role in sending us out with your gifts of encouraging words, earnest prayers, and generous financial support. We are encouraged as we labor alongside you in God’s great harvest field. We look forward to future harvesting to add to what the Lord has already accomplished to the praise of His glorious grace!

Working together for the Lord of the harvest,

Founder – Corporate Care

 Your Prayers make an ETERNAL Difference

  • Corporate Care’s five chaplains would faithfully labor in the workplace harvest field.

  • Praise for God’s adding to Corporate Care’s mission with a new work in Las Vegas.

  • For the Lord to shepherd employees’ hearts through our counsel, Bible studies, devotionals and gospel presence.

  • Continued wisdom and gospel growth of our partnership with Tendo Ministries in Uganda.


Will you partner with us in this important work?