The church of Philadelphia in Revelation 3 was just a small and feeble church by many standards. Their “strength was little” and I imagine they often felt inadequate and unable. Yet, this letter indicates that their faithfulness did not waiver. It was on the basis of this commitment that God promised the church an open door of opportunity to advance God’s kingdom.

Work as a chaplain is often about feeling inadequate and unable, yet faithfully planting seeds and watering where God is at work. Four months ago, Corporate Care was given the opportunity to enter into a new partnership with a business in town. God in his faithfulness was opening another door!

James at Nordstrom’s Automotive

From early on, signs were clear that God was at work in this business. Many of the employees were facing very difficult trials, but the Lord was quickly opening hearts and opportunities to read the Bible, share about God’s promises and pray with employees. Late in the fall, one executive leader shared that severe illness had struck their body. The news was shocking and saddening. Our chaplain, by God’s grace, was actually in the building the day the news was received. In God’s timing, our chaplain was able to meet with the entire executive team, bring words of hope through Psalm 62 and pray for strength, resolve and peace as they wrestled with the news. Through this open door, the following week, God further allowed Corporate Care to share the hope of the gospel with the entire company through a staff wide meeting of prayer.

It’s God’s grace that opens a door and his power that prevents it from being shut. As a ministry, we praise the Lord for the amazing opportunities and open doors that have come our way. In spite of our weaknesses and feelings of “little strength,” God is faithful and strong, and his promises are being fulfilled in our midst. To God be the glory!

The above testimony from one of our chaplains, points to God’s desire to bring Himself glory through Corporate Care. As this gospel work expands, your prayers and financial gifts fuel Corporate Care’s efforts to shower employees with God’s love. Thank you so much!

As 2019 comes to an end and 2020 begins, our staff and board of directors thank God for you as an important partner in this
God-empowered and door-opening work for His kingdom.

In God’s great strength,


Founder-Corporate Care

Your Prayers make an ETERNAL Difference

-Corporate Care’s chaplains would continue to rely on God’s strength to boldly keep Christ’s word and name in the workplace

-Praise for God’s faithfulness to Corporate Care’s work with past and present businesses and their employees.

-For the Lord to open more doors with new business partners and their employees

Will you partner with us in this important work?