Christians are God’s instrument to call people to a saving faith in Christ. Our feet are “beautiful” as we preach the Good News that is found in Christ alone. What an incredible joy it is to not only share the Good News but to see people respond to it. As chaplains, we frequently share the Good News with employees in the marketplace. Our “feet” have quickened with increased opportunities in the midst of this season of crisis and cultural discord.

Hearts are hurting and looking for hope as our circumstances become increasingly difficult and uncomfortable. Employee conversations expose their need for Good News. We are sharing and praying with more employees daily as employers lean on Corporate Care’s work to provide a calming presence in their workers’ lives.

Here are two recent examples of employees experiencing good news through our workplace presence: The first is an employee testimonial that we received.

The Chaplain Assistance Program has benefited Weisser Distributing and me in many different ways. James has been willing and able to host a Bible Study with interested employees every Thursday morning, which makes for an excellent way to start our day and serves as a great reminder of how blessed we all are. Through James’s weekly visits to our warehouse and the Bible Study sessions, I have built a good relationship with him and actually was fortunate enough to have him marry my wife and I this last May of 2020. James has also introduced us to a wonderful group of people in Uganda that Weisser Distributing has helped fundraise a school for,which has opened a lot of people’s eyes and hearts in great ways. Hearing the positive impacts that he makes on my fellow employees gives me assurance that my teammates are enjoying their time at work. Weisser Distributing is a better place and has an even more enjoyable atmosphere because of the positivity that James and Corporate Care have given us.

Corey Liebl

Shipping Manager, Weisser Distributing

The second was the salvation of an employee through Chaplain John’s preaching of the Good News. Recently, this employee took the courageous next steps of joining a local church and getting baptized by John. What a beautiful picture of God’s power to change lives where they work through the preaching of Christ.

God supplies Corporate Care’s ability to preach the Good News through your encouragement, support, and prayers. Our chaplains have the privilege of being Christ’s ambassadors in employees’ lives by playing a small part of God’s great work of bringing people out of the darkness into the light. Thank you for your faithfulness To God in all the ways He has, is, and will use your feet to bring Good News.

Rejoicing in the Lord’s satisfying and steadfast love,

Founder – Corporate Care

 Your Prayers make an ETERNAL Difference

  • Corporate Care’s chaplains would beautifully preach Christ’s Good News in the workplace.

  • Praise for God’s prospering of Corporate Care’s work during this time of crisis.

  • For the Lord to open more doors with new chaplains, business partners and their employees.


Will you partner with us in this important work?