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We offer a range of services, from on-site pastoral care to crisis response and Bible studies.

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Early on we realized that our employees spend more time at work than anywhere else. We felt a chaplain would be a special way to serve them and show them we care. The program has been very successful… and made such a difference in the lives of our employees. The end result has been changed lives and employees who are more appreciative and loyal.
Mike AdamsCEOAdams Thermal Systems
I love James and Corporate Care! Corporate Care is providing a greatly appreciated service. It gives our employees an opportunity to discuss whatever weighs them down. Corporate Care comes to our office with the intention of connecting with our employees on a spiritual level.  Nothing pushy, just a purposeful outreach and expression of Christ’s love. Everyone has burdens they carry, not everyone engages, but everyone has the opportunity to bring light into the darkness. Corporate Care helps light the path.
Ryan O'ConnorO'Connor Company
James has helped me through some tough times. He listens and turns my focus to the word of God. He truly cares about me as an individual by asking to pray for my employees and family. I strongly believe that Corporate Care is great for the workforce because I have seen and been a part of how James has influenced individuals in our place of business.
Corporate Care chaplains are professional, sensitive and friendly. Partnering with them has allowed us to extend spiritual care to employees in a way that’s easy to utilize, confidential and practically useful. Click Rain believes strongly in putting people first, so this benefit is a great extension of our purpose and values. As employees encounter life’s difficulties, we’ve loved to be able to give on site care which contributes to their well being and ultimately flows back into a healthy workforce.
Carissa SchoffelmanVP of AdministrationClick Rain




The Open Door

The Open Door

Work as a chaplain is often about feeling inadequate and unable, yet faithfully planting seeds and watering where God is at work.

The Corporate Care Story

The Corporate Care Story

On October 1st, 2013, James and his family made the decision to “move” his pastoral ministry from the local church to the workplace through the birth of Corporate Care of the Sioux Empire.